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About Us


The EP Workshops is a non-profit organization that aims to provide a space for Oxnard-based choreographers to share their unique craft and offer training to the dance community. As we continue to grow, our team helps bring choreographers beyond Ventura County for those who are not able to travel long distances to other popular dance studios.

Our Story

It started at a park. Jovanna Escamilla gathered friends and neighbors for two free classes outdoors. For her third class, she reconnected and collaborated with Zauriel Luna. The two dancers continued teaching together and discovered how much undiscovered talent there was throughout Oxnard. As the pandemic ensued, Jova and Zauriel strove to create a safe and inclusive space for dancers of all levels within the 805 community. The two began hosting their own workshops featuring local dancers and choreographers where ever and when ever they could. 

With the aim of motivating dancers to show off their style, create choreographies, and documenting each workshop, Zauriel named the organization "The Extended Play Workshops". ​

Meet The Team

Jovanna, also known as “Jova”, was introduced to dance when she was little. She started as a freestyler then took classes and joined dance teams in the 805 during her high school years. In 2022, she created EP's adult team "OxChord" with Zauriel. She also created and is currently directing an all-female team called "Project Nova".

Zauriel Luna started dancing as a freestyler when he was young before being introduced to the dance community. He has been apart of many teams and created/directed his own team in high school. In 2022, Jovanna and Zauriel created and is currently directing EP's adult team “OxChord” alongside Wayne De Los Santos. He is also an instructor for the CFF Studio. Lastly, Zauriel currently trains in Krump under KORPSx as “Xela” aka “Jr KORPSx”.

Still quite new to the dance scene, Olivia started training any way she could in 2021 after falling in love with hip hop again. Coming from only a sprinkle of experience throughout her life, she now takes any opportunity to learn more about hip hop culture and the current dance industry. She is also the team manager for "Project Nova" and is a member of EP's "OxChord".

Marlene started dancing when she was just 5 years old with ballet and jazz. Throughout the years she trained and competed in ballet, contemporary, and jazz. After high school, Marlene started training in heels and hip hop. She currently directs EP’s contemporary team, "Tempo" and is a member of EP's "OxChord".

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