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OxChord was created in April 2022 by Zauriel and Jovanna. The team was created to start afresh in the 805 dance community, expanding their passion by recruiting those who stood out to them and shared that same devotion to embodying true emotion in dance. As an invite-only team, OxChord seeks individuals they can give freedom to in terms of sharing choreography and ideas along with respectful, supportive, and attentive energy for everyone. 

Performed all over Oxnard, Ventura County, and competed in Los Angeles

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Tempo was created in July 2022 and is directed by Marlene Erwing. Tempo is a contemporary-focused, female-led team that strives to create, inspire, and share this expressive and fluid movement with others in the Oxnard community and beyond.

Performed all over Oxnard, Ventura County, and showcased in Los Angeles


Directed by Ismael Monter and Co-directed by Malachi Lawton, WalkMen is an all-male adult team under the Extended Play Collection. Their members share a unique love and passion for dance and are given the creative freedom to showcase their own talents with the team’s endeavors. As a new edition to EP, WalkMen strives to grow as individuals and as a team. 


Performed in 2023's WTT805
and with more performances to come

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