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CLASS 101: How do our dance classes work?

First time at our workshop? Keep reading to know what to expect!

Arriving Early?

Classes take place in the evening. If you arrive early and the studio is closed, please wait in your car (especially if you are alone) until one of our staff members opens the door.

Signing in

Upon arrival, be prepared to sign in with your name, Instagram (we try our best to tag dancers on our Instagram stories and posts), and whether you are paying with cash or Venmo. It is highly recommended you pay beforehand. Please let us know if you would rather not be on camera. Then, set your belongings on the sides of the floor!

Warm Up

Depending on the choreographer’s class, there may be follow-along stretches or you can stretch on your own. You will then learn choreography, grooves, and/or participate in exercises that utilize the entire floor. 

Groups and

Towards the end of every workshop, the choreographer will split the class into groups to practice what they have learned and be filmed. Each group will be recorded and posted on our linktree where it can be downloaded. Stay tuned at the end as hosts give out important announcements. 


Our videos are posted on our Linktree located under our Instagram bio. They are updated at least an hour after every workshop. Click here to view the Linktree.

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